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Conflict Resolution and Ethical Leadership

      Having a staffing plan is extremely important for an organization. Without proper planning, there can be issues with turnover rates, low productivity, skill gaps, underemployment, high labor…

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Organizational Development & Change

We help improve and optimize your organization and prepare it for the future through development and change. We help develop change initiatives throughout your organization to improve growth, increase customer…

Big and Small Consulting

Community, Stakeholder, and Organization Engagement

All decisions made by an organization affect individuals, communities, stakeholders, other businesses, and employees. We assist in determining strategies that can positively affect and engage them, align your brand and…

Big and Small Consulting

New Business & Franchise Development Services

We teach you the tools, techniques, and terminologies to understand the processes of business ownership. We help you understand the benefits of developing a culture inside your business. We help…

Big and Small Consulting

Organizational Assessment

We examine your organization to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, leverage points, feedback loops, etc. This process will allow us to discover the roots of problems, symptoms of beginning issues,…

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Data Analytics & Forecasting

We provide various tools and techniques to collect data, information and perform analysis and forecasting. Some areas we analyze consist of the following: efficiency, productivity, performance, change readiness, change capability,…

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Organizational Sustainability & Monitoring

We perform various methods to ensure that your organization’s sustainability goals are monitored, reached, and surpassed. We improve success by reporting issues that are developing that could have an effect…

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Organizational Responsibility & Liability

We assist in ensuring your organization is having a positive impact on its community, environment, and economy. Negative activities your organization performs will harm your internal environment and reduce employee…

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Executive and Leadership Coaching & Training

As a professional, we understand that you are held to a higher standard than your subordinates. We understand your time is valuable and that you must maximize your full potential…

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Retainer Services

Once you have hired us to perform a consulting service for you, you may opt to keep us on retainer for a fee after the project or service is complete.…

Decision-Making Theories

June 15, 2022

Decision-making theories There are many decision-making theories, models, and methods to assist in the complexities of decision-making, especially when it…

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Systems Dynamics Model, Leverage Points, & Decision Making

June 15, 2022

How is the systems dynamics model to leverage points used in decision making? In systems thinking and decision making, a…

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