What We Look For

Articles, videos, and content that you submit should be relevant and of interest to Big & Small’s readers and audience. The materials contributed need to be written by an individual rather than a PR firm or PR Department. We genuinely appreciate fresh ideas, things that advance discussions, and topics that engage your audience. We value writing that is polished (thoroughly edited) and can blend news and analysis with entertainment. Content that gives you valuable knowledge goes a long way in teaching or informing if it is supported by stories, examples, and methods supporting the viewpoint and allowing readers to relate to it and understand it. We do encourage you to utilize practitioner experiences, academic research, or a combination of both, to support your content.

You cannot discuss politics or religion in the format of an opinion or belief. However, you can discuss it as an industry that has benefited or been affected by some aspect of change or will affect businesses in some aspect. Content is to be business-related only. Big & Small prefer content to come from knowledgeable individuals or leaders in their fields. We do value academic and practitioner input equally. Refrain from using too much jargon, broad generalizations, or abstract statements.

Contributing to Big & Small is not meant for you to spam readers with your website, company, clients, or yourself. Instead, the purpose is to help businesses grow, learn, and succeed by providing them with tools, tips, and information they can use. Your contributions can be extremely valuable for professionals in every industry and field.

If you must link to a source, then ensure it is REPUTABLE. Ensuring it is reputable makes sure that the readers can explore the topic further. It also lends credibility to your work and shows that you are careful and thorough in your efforts.

If you cannot follow these guidelines, we will eliminate your opportunities for contributing and you will no longer have us as a reliable publication source. However, if you can follow these guidelines, we would appreciate your contributions.

If you already contribute to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, etc., contact us for discussions concerning exclusive content guidelines, potential conflicts of interest, and copyright information.
Your contribution does not have to be exclusive to us and you can submit your Big & Small original content to other publishers. However, if the content is shared, it must link back to its original location at Big & Small’s website. This allows your readers to enjoy more of your videos and articles. Doing it this way also helps lesser-known authors get their names and their work out there. After all, you never know who your work may be exposed to at Big & Small.

Whether you are an experienced writer or an individual with little to no writing experience, we will appreciate your contributions. We will treat your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with the utmost respect. If need be, we will provide constructive criticism to improve and refine your content. If you would like to explore other opportunities at Big & Small, please browse through our careers page for available openings.

What To Expect After Acceptance.

We do not pay salary or pay for individual articles or videos unless you are hired on to Big & Small’s journalism and editing department. The point of being a contributor is to be given a voice and promoting your brand. When you provide enough reputable and valuable work you improve your credibility. You get the satisfaction of imparting YOUR wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and expertise. Becoming a contributor is an excellent opportunity to make connections and move yourself into the realm of a leader in your fields. Being a contributor can open new doors for you in unexpected places or even highly sought-after opportunities.

As you become more recognized and followed by members of the business community, you will have the opportunity to take on sponsors to earn income.

You must have a Vimeo account so that you have the opportunity to benefit from two income streams as you become more recognized. It allows your videos and articles to be more exclusive.
We expect a minimum of one article and one video a week. You can do more if you desire. Your article can be any length, but we would like for you to attempt a minimum of 1,000 words.
You must tag your content as either Facts, Considerations & Proposals, Forecasting, Thoughts & Opinions, or Interviews.

You must also tag your content with a category niche. These categories are:

  • Policies & Regulations
  • Infrastructure & Development
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Resources & Materials
  • Economics & Finance
  • Currency & Exchange
  • Robotics & Automations
  • Software & Operating Systems
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Statistics & Data
  • Products & Equipment
  • Supply Chain & Transportation
  • Legal Actions
  • Society & Culture
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Scientific Research & Analysis
  • Outsourcing & Offshoring
  • Relocations & Expansions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Humor
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Travel
  • Opinion
  • Education
  • Whistleblowing

To learn more about the categories and what they cover, go read our guide on the News Categories page.

If you plagiarize any other author’s work in small part or in whole, your ability to contribute will be revoked.

We do not edit your content so if you want to be seen as a professional then do a professional job.

If we deem your contributions are unrelated to business, we will remove your content.

We may also remove your content if too many readers are flagging it for issues. While we are here to help you establish yourself as an expert, we must maintain a high level of professionalism.

If you violate our guidelines or policies, we will remove your content or contributor status. We can remove or reject any contributions if we feel it does not adhere to our standards or focus.

We do offer constructive criticism to help you grow in your writing and video development. If you cannot handle feedback and take revision advice seriously, then it may result in losing your contributor status.

You must be willing to help us promote your content. You can share it on social media platforms, LinkedIn, your community, and so forth. It must be linked back to your original article or video here on Big & Small’s site.

You can use a pen name or a nom de plume to submit your articles and videos. You may also submit videos without displaying your face in order to protect your identity, to prevent hate mail, and retain your social status without it being impeded upon.

Once you are accepted as a contributor, we will send you an email with information for your contributor contact. This assigned contact will be responsible for uploading your contributions.

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