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Fitness & Wellness

Gyms, Fitness, & Activities

Aerobic and Exercise Centers

Athletic Club Facilities

Bodybuilding Studios


Fitness Centers, Health clubs, and Gyms

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Ice-Skating or Roller-Skating Rinks

Martial Arts


Recreational Sports Clubs

Squash, Racquetball, or Tennis clubs

Swimming Pools

Water Sports


Meditation & Spa


Breathing exercise coaches

Chiropractic services


Guided meditation or meditation domes

Halotherapy rooms

LED therapies

Massage parlors

Meditation retreats

Sauna and wet areas

Tai chi

Thermal and mineral springs



Nutrition & Weight Loss


Health Food & Supplements

Health Coach


Nonmedical Weight Loss Centers

Nutritional Aide


Personal Chef

Personal Dieticians & Nutritionists

Sports Nutrition

Weight Loss Counseling

Weight Loss Surgery


Personal Care & Beauty

Barbershops & Men's Hairstylists

Beauty Salons

Cosmetic Surgeries

Day Spas

Depilatory or Electrolysis Salons

Ear Piercing Services

Facial Salons & Shops

Hair Removal Services

Hair Replacement & Weaving Services

Nail Salons

Permanent Makeup Salons

Scalp Treating Services

Steam or Turkish baths

Tanning Salons

Tattoo Parlors