Dr. Mark Taylor

I grew up in a small town in South Carolina and relocated to a slightly bigger town in Alabama. I enjoy problem-solving and fixing things in creative ways. I worked hard learning various skills in the military, oilfield, transportation and logistics, and many other industries. Through my working experience, I noticed many businesses have multiple common problems. I started to pursue degrees with majors in International Business, Operations and Supply Chain, and Organizational Development and Change. Coupled with my management experiences and in-depth hands-on knowledge of many industries I wanted to take on the challenge of innovative solutions to improve businesses, people, and communities for the future.

When not working on creating various businesses, problem-solving, and guiding others to successful solutions I can be found relaxing. I enjoy traveling, spending time with my children, creating new ventures with my wife, and fishing.

I am a talkative and charismatic person with a great sense of humor. I am blunt and straightforward, but my humor makes it easier to absorb what I am trying to teach and advise upon.

I like motivating, encouraging, and helping to develop a purpose in those around me so they can be successful and take pride in what they do.  I have principles that I will not betray, and I have values that I will not waver from; This can make it difficult for some people to influence me. However, despite this, I am open-minded, and I do take into consideration many thoughts and opinions.

I hope that I can influence businesses and people in a positive way and give them a better future.


Lynn Taylor

My ambition is to be the most known deaf woman in the business world one day. I want to hear people talking about me no matter where they are, haha. In the meantime, I am busy helping to run all of the Big & Small businesses, planning and developing various projects, helping others succeed in their goals, brainstorming, researching, and constantly writing.
I go by Lynn (or “Mom!” – I think I nearly forgot my name by now). I was born and raised in Florida. After traveling around the U.S., I relocated to Alabama from South Carolina because I got blinded by all the beautiful green nature.
Even though I am responsible for collaborating with the owner and overseeing all of the business matters of Big & Small, I am still a nerd inside. When not working, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, learning about history, learning about other things, discovering weird, obscure, and useless knowledge, and reminiscing on having time to play video games. I also really love traveling, languages, trying new foods, and the architecture of other cultures/countries. I don’t sit still for long and I am always finding something new to fix, create, build, or discover.
My background is varied through my college studies, industry experiences, and helping my husband with his business proposals and projects. Remember, behind every successful man is a woman kicking him in the butt; my foot is getting a lot of practice kicking! My husband’s successes are built because of a promise he made his dad right before he passed away. I make sure he is fulfilling that promise because an example needs to be set for our kids to have integrity, responsibility, and honor. My no-nonsense, stern but fair, with a splash of southern hospitality personality comes in handy around here; it helps keep the mutiny at bay and keeps the ships sailing towards the horizon.
I hope to influence and inspire other people with disabilities so that they know that anything they want to achieve is not impossible.