Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Big & Small Consulting is focused on ensuring your privacy. This privacy statement and policy clarify what information we gather, how we gather it, what we utilize the information for, whom data is given to, and the person’s rights concerning their data. We may use individual data or information provided to us for any of the reasons clarified, as is pertinent, or as otherwise stated at the point of obtaining the information or data.  This, additionally, alludes to data or information about you when you utilize our website or when we perform any other actions that form part of the structure or operation of our website.

We process individual data or personal information as vital for our legitimate business purposes in a straightforward way. If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At the points when we allude to “our site,” “our website,” “this site,” “this website,” “we,” “us,” and “our,” we are referring to Big & Small Consulting, its site, and any other member firm in the U.S. that is: 1. Engaged in giving or accepting services or products; 2. Sends you correspondences; 3. Posted a job position that you are applying to; 4. You have a job, role, or relationship with, including using and access to our sites and applications.

In this privacy statement and policy, your data or information might be, in some cases, alluded to as “personal data” or “personal information.” Likewise, we may allude to dealing with, handling, gathering, collecting, amassing, compiling, protecting, keeping, defending, preserving, securing, and storing your data or information as “processing” such detailed or personal data or information. We aren’t held to the requirements of the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Remember that there are or can be member firms in the Big & Small Consulting network organized as separate legal entities. Thus, you should know that you might not have a direct connection to or with us, but with one of our independent member firms or their related entities instead. Such websites related to the independent entities, or other individual sites that could be linked to this site, are not subject to this privacy statement.  We urge visitors to look over or read the privacy statements on every one of these different sites before giving out any of your personal information.



What information do we collect?

            We gather individual data from you when you utilize this site. We may collect or acquire such information since you offer it to us (for example, on a form on our site). We may gather or get individual data from you since we observe or infer that data about you from how you connect with us or others. For instance, to improve your experience when you utilize this site and guarantee that it is working adequately, we (or our specialists or service providers) may implement or use cookies, which may gather individual data or personal information.

The individual data that we gather or acquire in such conditions may include: your name; e-mail; country; employment information; education details; your posts on any web journals, blogs, forums, live chats, and any other social media applications that we have, offer, or provide for use; your I.P. address; what browser type you use; what language you use; your access times; details of any of your complaints; details of how you prefer to interact or communicate with us and any other comparative or similar information.

The individual data we gather may likewise incorporate supposed ‘sensitive’ or ‘special categories’ of personal data, for example, insights regarding your dietary necessities (for instance, if we furnish you with breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner during any of our meetings).

The types of individual information and unique or special categories of the individual or personal information we obtain may fluctuate, contingent upon how you utilize our websites. We may collect other information about you in some conditions because you voluntarily gave that information to us. We are required to obtain the information because of the legal requirements we must follow.

We comprehend the significance of ensuring that children’s privacy is protected. Our website and any other services are not designed for, intended for use by, or purposefully directed at children under thirteen years old. It is not our policy to intentionally gather, obtain, or store data about children. Big & Small Consulting’s policy is to never knowingly or purposefully collect or keep any personal information on or about children under the age of thirteen.

We gather and use business contact details for people associated with existing and potential Big & Small Consulting customers to oversee and keep up our relationship with those individuals. Like most businesses, we utilize and implement a customer relationship management system to store individual data on any business or organizational contacts.

Big & Small Consulting staff initiates the assortment and collection of personal information about contacts and any personal information additions. They may include name, e-mail, employer name, title, phone, and other business contact details that are necessary. Big & Small Consulting may also collect data from the Big & Small Consulting’s e-mail and calendar systems concerning interactions between Big & Small Consulting staff and their business connections or contacts.

When we communicate with or contact you via e-mails, messages, etc. we may utilize technologies to discover if the communication method has been opened, read, or whether the links that are inside the communication method has been clicked on. We may combine the data gathered through these methods with other information we keep about you to quantify interest in any of our particular contributions, specific offerings, or e-mail campaigns, better our offerings to specific target audiences, and adapt or alter our communication or interactions with you.

How we use the information we gathered about you

            Personal information collected via our website:

We can utilize your personal information gathered through our website to oversee, manage, and enhance our site, adapt, or alter our site’s content to give you a more progressively customized experience.  We can also use your information to draw your attention to details regarding the services provided by entities within the Big & Small Consulting network that might bear some significance of interest for you. We also use it to manage and respond to any request you submit to us via our site.

            Use of individual data for other activities that form some part of our business and its operation:

In addition to the reasons related to the activity and operation of our site that was stated above, we may utilize your data and information for the appropriate legal or regulatory requirements, solicitations, requests, and correspondences from competent authorities, sending you details of products and services administered by entities within the Big & Small Consulting network that may be of significant interest to you, reaching you to collect input or feedback on the services, connecting with you for other market or research purposes, and ensuring our rights are protected.

            Purposes of utilizing personal information to run our business may also include:

Administering to our relationship with customers, offering services, assistance, and customer support services to our customers, building our business and services, distinguishing customer needs, upgrades or alterations in service delivery, becoming more familiar with a customer relationship opportunity other independent member firms or we have an interest in, breaking down and assessing the quality of interactions between Big & Small Consulting and a contact, carrying out analytics, generating metrics for Big & Small Consulting leadership, keeping up and utilizing I.T. systems or frameworks, encouraging the facilitation of events or occasions, and directing, administering, or managing our site, frameworks, systems, and applications.

The legal grounds we use for handling or processing personal information

We are legally required to set out the legal grounds on which we depend to handle your information in this privacy statement.

We utilize your personal information for the reasons stated above due to: (a) our genuine interests in the effective conveyance of our website; (b) our real interests in the competent and lawful activity or operation of our website, as long as such interests are not exceeded by your interests; (c) the regulations and laws that we must adhere to – for example, saving records for tax purposes or giving information to a government organization or law enforcement.

In regards to the degree or extent that that we process any sensitive information on you for any of the reasons that we mentioned above, we will do so because: (i) you have given us your express agreement to process that information; (ii) the processing of the data is vital for the organization, to pursue or defend legal cases or (iii) you have made the information open and public.

In aspects where we must legally obtain your unequivocal agreement to furnish you with certain promotional or marketing materials, we will only give you such promotional materials where we have acquired your consent. If you decide that you would no longer want to receive any promotional or marketing materials from us, you can unsubscribe via the correspondence method or e-mail.

To whom we disclose or share your information?

In regards to one or more of the reasons that were listed in the “How we use information about you” section above, we can and may divulge insights or information about you to other members of the Big & Small Consulting network; third parties that offer various types of services to us; skilled specialists or authorities (including courts, government bodies, and authorities that oversees regulations we must follow or another member of the Big & Small Consulting network) and other outside sources or third parties that require access to information relating to you for one or more of the reasons that were stated in the “How do we use information about you?” area above.

Our website may have different online journals, blogs, discussions, wikis, and other internet-based social media applications that permit you to exchange content with other users (collectively “Social Media Applications”). Significantly, any of your personal information you share with these Social Media Applications can be perused, gathered, and utilized by other application users. We do not have any influence or control over these other users; thus, we cannot ensure that any of the information you share or add to any Social Media Applications will be dealt with per this privacy statement.

Remember that some of the recipients of your personal information referred to above might be situated in countries or nations outside of the United States; their laws may not give a similar degree of information security. In such cases, we will guarantee that there are satisfactory defenses set up to protect your data or information that complies with our legal obligations.

We will need to divulge your personal information whenever we are legally required to do so, such as any legal procedures.

We can and may share non-personal, de-identified, and aggregated information with outside parties for multiple reasons, including data analytics, research, submissions, and promotional purposes.

Our business contacts can be seen by and may be utilized by other Big & Small Consulting member firms to become familiar with a connection, customer, or opportunity that they may be interested in.

We will only impart your personal information with others for business purposes and when we are legally allowed to do so.  When we share information with others, we set up legally binding contracts or arrangements and implement security mechanisms as appropriate to ensure that the information is protected and to adhere to our information protection, confidentiality, and security guidelines.

Besides the information sharing described above, we also share personal information with the recipients listed below and for many reasons:

Other Big & Small Consulting member firms as needed for administrative purposes and to provide professional services to our clients in different states or territories.

We do utilize and implement third party and outsiders to help and assist us in offering our services and in helping provide, run, and deal with or manage our I.T. systems and frameworks – for instance, suppliers of data and information technology, hosting of our websites, management of the website hosting, analysis, back up of data, administration and procedures of maintaining security or storage of data and information, etc. We do use or implement servers from third-party service providers, and those may be located anywhere; due to this, data and information can and may be stored on these servers;

We do implement auditors and any other number of expert advisors, for instance – law offices, as they are essential to establish, protect, apply, or safeguard our lawful rights and acquire guidance regarding our organization’s operations. Individual information may be given to these evaluators, advisors, or experts as necessary due to the correlations with our business, products, or services they or we are providing.  We do have multiple insurance policies set up, and due to this, we may need to provide your individual or personal information to these insurers – for instance, in a case or claim where it is necessary to share this information with them;

Every once in a while, we may get requests from outside third parties that have the power or authority to receive your personal or individual data and information to ascertain and verify that we comply with relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, to examine or determine if there is any criminal wrongdoing taking place, or to establish, protect, apply, or safeguard any legal rights. We will satisfy demands for your personal or individual information or data if there are any applicable law, regulation, or guidance that requires such to be done.

We will divulge your data or information to an outside third party if it is essential or necessary in regards to multiple business situations such as sales, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizing of the organization, transfers, or any other condition that requires any part of our business, capitals, or assets to be distributed, adjusted, or changed.

Your Personal Information and Its Protection

We do use a variety of physical, administrative, and electronic methods in our efforts to ensure that your personal information is secure, accurate, and up to date. These methods could consist of:

            Instruction, education, or training applicable to staff to guarantee they know about our commitments and obligations regarding the management, supervision, and handling of any individual data and information.

  Authorized or specialized administrative or technical systems that limit access to data or information will be implemented or assessed based on a ‘need to know’ aspect.

Safety and security efforts or programs will be utilized. They can include firewalls, encryption methods, anti-malware, anti-virus, and other software or hardware that can be implemented to ensure safety and security.

Despite our strenuous efforts to ensure your data or information is secure, there is never a 100% guarantee it will be safe or secure, especially when it pertains to anything over the Internet; This cannot be realistically promised of anyone. While we attempt to ensure that any individual data or information is secure, we can’t guarantee that anything sent to us or comes from us is un-hackable or completely secure.

These are generally accepted standards of technology and operational security designed to protect personal information from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Only authorized Big & Small Consulting personnel and other parties defined or portrayed in this statement are given access to any individual data. These representatives, employees, and other parties have agreed to maintain this information’s confidentiality unless otherwise necessary for reasons outlined within this statement.



How long do we keep your information?

We can and will hold your data on our frameworks and systems for the longest of the following time frames:

  1. Whatever time frame is necessary for the applicable or appropriate services or activities.
  2. Whatever time frame is required, necessary, or pertinent for law, regulations, or legal matters.
  3. When the litigations, legal matter, or investigations that have emerged regarding the services is completed.

 This means that personal information will be retained in Big & Small Consulting records, files, or systems for as long as we have – or need to keep a record of – a connection with a business customer, affiliate, or contact. Individual data may be or could be held for more extended periods where expanded retention is legally necessary as required by law, regulation, or guidelines or because professional norms and standards are necessary for the ability to establish, protect, apply, or safeguard any of our legal and lawful rights.


Your rights


In regard to your data, you do have different rights. These rights that you have are:

  • Obtain affirmation that we are processing your data, and you can solicit a copy of the information or data we have about you.
  • You can ask that we update the data we have on you, or you can request that we correct any that you believe to be incorrect, a mistake, or incomplete.
  • You may ask that we erase any data that we have on you, or you may limit the way we use your information unless it is required by law or for legal reasons that we keep it or divulge it.
  • You may oppose our processing of your private data.

Suppose you ever wish to unsubscribe or withdraw from our mailing list or any of our enlistments. In that case, we will give you guidelines in either the site’s appropriate area or correspondences to you. If you are concerned about cookies, typically, browsers allow people to decline the cookies. Usually, when you refuse or erase one or more cookies, you may still access our site, but site functionality might be impaired. After you are done browsing on our sites, you can delete the site cookies if you so desire.

This Privacy Statement and Changes

We may modify, edit, correct, or change this privacy statement at any time.

We will add a revision date at the top of this privacy statement to let you know that it is a newer version. The privacy statement will apply from the date of the amendment listed. It is essential and encouraged to look over these changes or check the privacy policy frequently to stay up to date on it and what we are doing.