Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

By utilizing all the collected information and data we performed and analyzing your organization’s health, we can determine if a merger or acquisition move is right for you. We can perform data and analysis on your potential merger partner to determine if they are also capable of the merger. Both companies would have to agree that Big & Small is the hired company to perform these actions. This prevents the data and analytics from being manipulated so that both organizations can prepare for the full scope of the change. We also provide the necessary training and development for executives, management, and employees before, during, and after the change process. We work with you to develop a strategy and ensuring your business is capable of the changes that come with a merger or acquisition, we can guide you through to a successful result. We do not offer legal advice or legal services in the merger and acquisition process. If you need legal assistance, you can contact a lawyer, we can refer you to one, or we can bring one on as a third-party contractor.

Some activities we can perform to help assist you with your Mergers & Acquisitions needs may include:

  • Integration assistance
  • Culture and change management
  • Organizational design
  • Talent management and training
  • Bridging organization and human capital
  • Capability strategy, planning, implementation, and monitoring
  • Restructuring


Once the merger or acquisition has been completed, we understand that there can be differences in the cultures between both organizations and some resistance may be met from the workforce. We can provide continued assistance that help to negotiate these obstacles. We work with you to ensure that there is alignment with the organizations’ workforce, goals, visions, culture, processes, and leadership. Internally, we can assist with addressing any resistance to the change and help to ensure retention is maintained with employees that are being retained, reassigned, or recruited. We can assist with decisions involving your supply chain and how it can affect your products or services. We can provide assistance with expansions, budgeting for the conversion, and meeting expectations of your merger or acquisition. Externally, we can help with retaining customers and helping them feel comfortable with the change. Strategic planning and implementation are vital in a merger or acquisition because understanding the potential issues and risks involved and addressing them will be the defining factor on Return On Investment, costs, and success.

We take pride in what we do. We are the foremost experts in development and change. We look forward to working with you in the future and providing you with a service that you can appreciate and that we can take pride in.

Take a few moments to look through all of our other business consulting services and contact us if we can help you take the first steps in reaching your organizational goals.

Due to high demands for this service by a large number of organizations, we ask that you be patient and understand there may be a lengthy waiting time before we can provide you with the service you require. Be patient with the assessments because we are very thorough and would like to give you the proper information that is necessary to make the changes you are looking forward to or needing.



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